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Our experts speak 160 languages. We'll work with you, your insurance company, and your doctor to make sure you get the medicine you need quickly, easily, and for less money.

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Make the most of your insurance

Find out exactly what you're covered for, what benefits you're entitled to, and what your co-pays should be. If you've had a claim denied, we'll help you appeal.

Lower your co-pay costs

We offer co-pay discount cards that let eligible patients pay less for their Novartis medication.

Get help paying for your medicine

If you have no insurance, or if your insurance doesn't cover enough of your costs, we can find organizations and programs that may help pay for your medicine.

Get your medicine quickly and easily

We can help you find pharmacies that stock your medication, overnight you an emergency supply, and find other ways to get you your Novartis medicine.

*The hotline and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation do not guarantee success in obtaining reimbursement, nor do we submit appeals on behalf of providers or patients. Third-party payment for medical products and services is affected by numerous factors, not all of which can be anticipated or resolved by hotline staff.

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