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Learn About Your Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with a serious disease can lead to a lot of questions. These organizations provide information and support for patients and the people who care for them.

These organizations and websites are independently operated, and are not managed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Novartis assumes no responsibility for any information they may provide.

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation

For patients with breast cancer, this San Antonio organization offers a hotline, community programs, information about clinical trials, and more.

American Cancer Society

The society's website has information about many different forms of cancer, along with information about support, treatment, and ongoing research.

This site provides detailed information (in English and in Spanish) about preventing, recognizing, treating, and living with breast cancer.

Cancer Support Community

This group offers information and emotional support–by phone, online, and in locations across the country–for patients and their friends and families.


CancerCare offers free counseling, financial help, workshops, and other support for patients and their caregivers.

Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network

The CCAN offers information and support, via phone, e-mail, and the Web, to patients with neuroendocrine tumors and to their caregivers.

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation

This site has a wide range of information for newly diagnosed patients and other people living with the disease. It also provides videos and lecture transcripts from the group's patient conferences.

Caring for Carcinoid Foundation

This site offers a variety of resources for patients with carcinoid and pancreatic neuroendocrine cancers, including articles, links to support groups, and information about clinical trials.

Cooley's Anemia Foundation

Patients with this blood disorder can find news, information, and links to clinical trials at the foundation's website.

Free Me From Lung Cancer

This organization offers in-depth information about the disease, its treatment, clinical trials, and more.

Friends of Cancer Research

Friends of Cancer Research works with government and private groups to speed cancer research and treatment. Its site offers links to information about clinical trials, drug approvals, and treatment centers, and more.

International Myeloma Foundation

The IMF provides a hotline, information, online and in-person support groups, seminars, and other resources for patients and families facing myeloma.

Kidney Cancer Association

This site offers information about the disease and its treatment, as well as a clinical trial matching service, a nurse hotline, and more.

Komen for the Cure

Since 1982, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has been a leader in the fight against breast cancer. Its site provides a wide range of information and links to resources to help prevent, detect, and treat the disease.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

For patients with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and other blood disorders, this site offers information about diagnosing and treating the disease. It also has a support section for caregivers.

The Life Raft Group

Patients with GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor), can find in-depth information about the disease, as well as an online support community, links to in-person support groups, a database of medical specialists, and more.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This site provides in-depth information about what breast cancer is and how to recognize it, treat it, get support, and more.

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

For patients who have been newly diagnosed, entering treatment or dealing with relapsed/refactory disease, this site offers a wide range of information, as well as help (online and over the phone) with finding clinical trials.

Myelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation

Patients with this disease can find news, events, patient handbooks in multiple languages, and other information to help understand the disease and its treatment.

National Cancer Institute

This US government agency provides information about a wide range of cancers, including prevention, treatment, and a tool to search for clinical trials.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Founded by cancer survivors, this organization provides a variety of information about living with the disease, advocating for yourself, working with your doctors, dealing with your insurance company, and more.

National Organization for Rare Diseases

NORD offers a rare disease database, links to organizations that provide support and information, and a variety of resources for finding financial support, insurance information, and more.

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Program

In addition to financial assistance, the program provides information about different types of cancer and other diseases, along with links to further resources.

Prevent Cancer Foundation

This site has fact sheets, expert interviews, and other information about preventing, detecting, recognizing, and treating a wide range of cancers.


For women with breast or ovarian cancer, this group offers information, live support groups, educational programs, and more.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

The SCDAA site provides information about what sickle cell disease is, how to treat it, where to find clinical trials, and more.

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance offers information about recognizing and treating the disease. It also offers peer support, caregiver support, and other resources.


Us TOO is a worldwide network of support groups for prostate cancer patients, their companions, and their families. The site offers information, brochures, and other information about detecting and treating the disease. It also provides links for clinical trials and support groups.